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Bucket Elevators

Bucket Elevators

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Bucket Elevators

Redler bucket elevator systems are world-renowned for their quality and durability. Redler supply a full range of belt and bucket elevators, as well as  for all industries.

A Redler belt and bucket elevator is manufactured using the latest technologies including laser cutting, automatic punching and precision forming tools. Jigs and fixtures are also used to ensure accurate and efficient production and assembly at all times. Redler also produce elevator casings in 2.4 metre parts to assist in handling and on-site construction.

Belt and Bucket Elevators

As a global source of En-Masse material handling, Redler manufacture belt and bucket elevators including the EB22 range of belt and bucket elevators. This range aims to reduce material degradation and admix.

EB22 Belt and Bucket Elevator Range

EB22 belt and bucket elevators have been specifically designed for use within grain and process industries, offering four units with a maximum throughput capacity of 400 t/h of wheat:

Bucket Elevators Elevator Range
Machine Type   Capacity   Belt Speed
EB2213   80 t/h   3.15 m/s 620 ft/min
EB2218   130 t/h   3.15 m/s 620 ft/min
EB2228   220 t/h   3.15 m/s 620 ft/min
EB2240   400 t/h   3.15 m/s 620 ft/min

The above figures are based on the handling of dry Wheat at a density of 750 kg/m³.

The EB22 belt and bucket elevator range is completely versatile: when handling friable materials such as rice, malt or pellets, the elevator can be significantly reduced in speed to minimise degradation and offer smooth material handling and transfer via the belt and bucket elevator system.


Bucket Elevators
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Bucket Elevators
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Bucket Elevators
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Bucket Elevators
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Explosion Relief

Bucket ElevatorsRedler are fully committed to safety, and can supply explosion relief panels for belt and bucket elevators where requested. Always consult a safety expert or the Health and Safety Executive in the UK when planning an elevator project.

Belt and Bucket Elevator Specifications

Head Section:

  • manufactured from 3/5mm steel
  • stiffened and flanged for accurate assembly
  • removable top for easy access to 6mm pulley and shaft/ bearing
  • rubber-lagged pulley assists in easy start-up and aids belt alignment.
Boot Section:
  • manufactured from 3/5mm steel
  • fabricated crowned pulley and shaft assembly
  • easy access and inspection doors
  • self-cleaning boot to minimise degradation and admix
  • tensioned elevator belt to achieve full capacity no matter the pulley position.

Chain and Bucket Elevators

Chain and Bucket Elevators are robust, designed to stand up to rigorous heavy industry use. Chain and bucket elevators from Redler are manufactured in a range of materials, and suitable for abrasive and hot materials.

Redler use high-specification parts in their chain and bucket elevators:


  • round link chains, heat-treated and hardened to resist wear when using abrasive products
  • sprockets in cast iron, cast steel that are toothed or friction drive and segmented with wear-resistant surfaces
  • buckets that are designed and fabricated to suit the specific material to be handled, with excellent pickup and discharge features, and reinforced for use with abrasive materials
  • robust head section, fully welded with removable sections and inspection doors at strategic points and anti-runback devices
  • single or double casing sections in 3m lengths
  • fully welded boot section with tensioning devices and ball or roller bearings, inlet chute and removable clean-out doors
  • safety features including explosion panels and a RoCon© rotational control unit to change pulley speed and signal in the event of the elevator stopping or slowing
  • head platforms, hoist frames and safety cage ladders can all be supplied to give full access.


Bucket Elevators