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Conveyor Systems & Eleveyors

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En-Masse Conveyor Systems & Eleveyors

Conveyor Systems & Eleveyors

Redler provide a full range of conveyor systems which are designed to increase efficiency in material handling. Using En-Masse MoveMaster technology, Redler provide comprehensive material handling systems.

Redler conveyor systems are varied and suitable for a wide range of purposes. They supply belt conveyors, in addition to effective chain conveyor systems and pallet conveyor systems. The diversity of Redler En-Masse conveyor systems ensures that all type of work can be carried out simply and effectively.

Conveyor Systems & Eleveyors

En-Masse Conveyor Systems

En-Masse conveyors allow bulk materials to be moved smoothly and economically. Materials are handled gently, creating a fluid conveyor system which can move horizontally, vertically and around bends. There are many benefits of using Redler En-Masse conveyor systems, including:

  • automatic feeding at any point on the conveyor system
  • feeding is uniform and completely accurate
  • materials are handled as solid columns
  • there are no internal disturbances or pressure on materials
  • loads can be discharged at any opening.

Redler conveyor systems are specifically designed to aid in material handling. This allows for reliable conveyor systems which yield excellent results.

Conveyor Systems & Eleveyors

Eleveyor Material Handling

Elevator Conveyor Systems & Eleveyors

Redler have also developed quality eleveyor technology, which allows material handling to be carried out vertically or along an inclined plane – eliminating many restrictions of horizontal material handling. This technology can be implemented to reduce costs associated with multiple material handling conveyor systems, or increase the effectiveness of belt conveyors or chain conveyor systems.

Eleveyors are manufactured in a standard range of sizes from 200mm wide upwards, which offers excellent versatility and allows them to meet any requirement.

En-Masse eleveyors are not simple scraper conveyors – there is absolutely no dragging or scraping of material involved. Instead, the same technology used in the conveyor system is present to gently transport bulk materials in a fluid and effective manner.

Combining the features of the En-Masse conveyor system, En-Masse eleveyors are one of the optimal conveyor systems on the market. In addition to belt conveyors and chain conveyor systems, Redler are capable of providing the perfect conveyor systems no matter your industry.

En-Masse Conveyors & ELEVEYORS

Drag Link Conveyors & ELEVEYORS

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