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Material Handling Solutions

Bulk Materials Handling Solutions

Redler are global providers of industrial bulk materials handling solutions through a wide range of specialist weighing, feeding and metering technologies. Using a combination of unique Redler conveyor and eleveyor systems and strategic partnerships with selected suppliers, they are capable of providing complete solutions for any purpose.

With the increase in international requirements for effective waste management, Redler are focused on developing market-leading bulk materials handling equipment to assist in effectively managing industrial processes.

Redler are therefore dedicated to providing quality container loading systems in order to simplify shipping container loading, including bulk reception units and mobile hopper systems. They also offer bucket elevators and bridge distribution systems to create manageable bulk materials handling processes.


Bulk Materials Handling Solutions

Redler also use strategic partnerships to offer complete fuel handling through automatic feeders into cement and other power plants.

Total industrial bulk materials handling solutions allow Redler to provide the perfect solution for your needs. Their primary services now also include complete alternative fuel handling, comprising:

  • reception and storage of alternative fuels
  • full bulk materials handling process: from weighing, feeding and metering through to separation
  • ensuring alternative fuel handling and fuel feeding fit seamlessly into the entire alternative fuel process, including material preparation and combustion.

In addition, Redler also offer electrostatic precipitator and voltage control systems - vital to control industrial particulate emissions in an effective and cost-efficient manner.

Redler are committed to delivering optimal bulk materials handling solutions to any process and business, in any industry. Find out more about Redler products, including the patented Redler conveyor system, or contact Redler today to discuss your bulk materials handling requirements.


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